In the name of Research: What’s in a name?


Research is a hot topic at Autodesk. Although we have a dedicated research team in Toronto, many parts of the company are involved in research. My coworker, Lisa Rotzinger, recently shared a paper that she was reading from The Journal of Design, Economic, and Innovation entitled “Communities of Practice in Design Research.” In that paper, the author noted that Ernest Boyer, a former president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, provides some interesting definitions of research in his book Scholarship Reconsidered, Priorities of the Professoriate.

  • Basic

    Basic research looks for new knowledge by trying to combine observations into theory.

  • Integration

    Integration research looks for patterns within and across disciplines.

  • Applied

    Applied research is based on practical project use and is about validation, identifying what is missing.

  • Teaching

    Teaching research covers experimentally reflecting upon, examining, improving, and monitoring methods used for instruction.

Autodesk certainly has a cadre of employees conducting basic research in Toronto. When I bring in summer interns to put Fusion 360 through its paces and fabricate their designs at our Pier 9 office, they are conducting applied research. They are looking for what is missing from our solutions and make recommendations for how our software can be even better. We have done this for a few years now.

We also have or Applied Research and Innovation team at Pier 9 who look for gaps in what we know about various technologies.

Research definition is alive in the lab.

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Introduction to Model Derivative API

By Virupaksha Aithal

Click Here to download (around 62 mb) the recording of Introduction to Model Derivative API presented on 27th of September 2016 as part of Autodesk Forge Hackathon. The zip file also contains the presentation used.

Live samples shown:

Source code for this sample:

YouTube video :   

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